Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco

For alcohol and tobacco, you are entitled to exemption from import duties and excise duties as you enter these goods as a passenger and you are 16 years of age or older. In the table below you can see what the maximum quantities are.

1. Cigarettes 200 pieces or
Cigars 25 pieces or
Cigarillo’s (cigars of a maximum weight of not more than 3 grams) 50 pieces or
Tobacco 250 g
2. Spirits (distilled beverage) 1 liter
3. Other goods than mentioned under 1 and 2 * Till an invoice value of AWG. 400,-

* These goods are intended for personal use, not for trade or for use in a business or profession.

If you carry more than this maximum quantities, you must pay import and excise duties.

The amount of the customs and excise duties can be found in the document Tariff import duties.