Departamento di Aduana Aruba (DAA) is the customs authority of Aruba and oversees the in- and transit of cross-border goods. The customs started around the year 1891 with the calculation of customs and excise duties in a simple manner and primitive way.

DAA is responsible for raising and collection of customs and excise. In addition to lifting and collection of customs and excise, DAA is also responsible for the observance of rules in the field of so-called VGEM. VGEM stands for safety, health, economy and the environment. To prohibit, restrict and control of cross-border goods, protection of the financial, economic, and veterinary and plant-health in the interests of Aruba. Also to encourage improvements in the safety of the international logistics chain and the Aruban society.

Departamento di Aduana currently consists of the following sections:

the harbor, the airport, town, section customs investigation department (DRI), Technical Department (DCT), Asycuda, department Risk Management (RMT) and the staff department including General Affairs departments, Planning, Finance & Control, Personnel and Organization (P&O) and IT department.

The 1st of January 2013, the Departamento di Aduana Aruba became an autonomous entity, independent of the Departamento di Impuesto di Aduana, under the Minister of Finance.