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Complaint form

When you fill in this complaint form and press ‘send’, the complaints coordinator of Customs automatically receives your complaint.

The complaints coordinator will email you a confirmation of receipt of the complaint within five working days of receipt.

The complaints coordinator will inform you in writing about the handling of the complaint within four weeks after you have submitted the complaint.

Please provide a brief and description of your complaint. A complaint can relate to:

  • Dissatisfaction with the behavior or omission of Customs as an organization;
  • Dissatisfaction with the behavior or omission of an employee of Customs. If the complaint relates to the manner in which an employee of Customs has functioned or acted in a particular case, please mention the name of this employee.

Please send copies of relevant documents (declaration form, invoice,) that relate to your complaint. Please note: don’t send objections and requests for refunds by this complaint form, but by letter.

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