Moving to Aruba

Exemption applications

To apply for an exemption from import duties for your household effects, you need to submit several documents.

Form ‘application household goods’

If you wish to apply for exemption household effects, you must use the Form request exemption household goods. This form can be downloaded from our website.

Any document in Asycuda

You must also submit the import declaration for the household goods. Your customs broker can help you (costs involved) to complete the form of the digital “Customs Declaration” in Asycuda World. An overview of customs brokers can be found in the Aruban telephone book.

Other Documents

In addition to the form ‘Application for exemptions household goods and the ‘Customs Declaration’ you must submit the following documents:

  • a copy of your proof of identity
  • a declaration of registration in the civil register of Aruba ‘Censo’, (3 copies)
  • a list of household goods (3 copies).
  • the (Air) Waybill dispatch from abroad (3 copies)

For students who study in the United States, the Custom Department (Departamento di Aduana) claims in addition an I-20 form. This is a proof that you are studying in the United States.

If you apply for an exemption for a motor vehicle, sports or vessel, you must also submit one of the following documents:

  • foreign registration certificate of the means of transport
  • foreign inspection card
  • foreign insurance policy
  • purchase-agreement or invoice

Submission documents

Your customs broker provides the form ‘Application for exemptions household goods’ shall be accompanied by the ‘Customs Declaration’ and the remaining documents to the Custom Department (Departamento di Aduana), for the attention of Technical Department. The Custom Department (Departamento di Aduana) will then take a decision on the grant of the exemption.


If your request for exemption from customs duties for your household goods is rejected in whole or in part, you can submit within 1 month a motivated notice of objection to the Custom Department (Departamento di Aduana).

If you do not agree with the decision on your request for review, you can appeal within 1 month to the Board of Appeal for tax matters.