Travelling with luggage

If you export goods

You can export goods permanently or temporarily from Aruba. In both cases, you will need to file a written declaration for export at the Customs Department (Departamento di Aduana).

Temporarily export is for example, if you export goods temporarily for repairs, exhibitions, samples etc. These goods will be imported back to Aruba after a period of time.

Filing the permanent export report

You file a declaration of permanent export on the form “Customs Declaration’ in Asycuda World. A customs broker can help you with filling in this form.

Filing the temporary export report

When you travel temporary abroad with a precious commodity for example, video cameras, notebooks, pcs, radios and travel back to Aruba with these same goods, upon your return, you must proof, by means of the form temporary exportation, that these goods are originating from Aruba.

In principle you have to pay customs duties for new parts, repair costs, etc. in case of a re-import of goods, except in the case of a good under warranty.