Release Mailbox

Start: 1 February 2018

Download the form: Form ‘Request for release of container or removal to private storage (P.B.)

How does the Release Mailbox work?
• Via the new mailbox release in Dutch: you can apply for the release / control of your RED selected container or for transport to or from your private storage
• You must submit the form ‘Request for release of a container or road to private storage (P.B.).’

Save the form into your computer
• Fill in the form in your computer (PDF format)
• To enter document numbers, use only the letter (usually C) and the number of the document. Further additions such as HK or year are not necessary
• If there are more documents / declarations than you can add an attachment to the mail
• You email the form ‘Request for the release of container or transport to private storage (P.B.)’ together with the release order to

  • Requests received by Customs between 7:30 and 10:30 AM will be handled before
    12 PM.
    • Requests received by Customs between 10:30 and 14:30 will be handled before
    4:00 PM.
    • Requests received by Customs after 2.30 PM will be handled if possible the same day. If not, they will be handled first thing the next morning. Please note! All requests will be processed on First in First out with exception for REEFER containers.

To get priority for reefer / cool containers you must write in the subject of your mail REEFER.
• After you have submitted your application by emailing, our coordinator will send you an email with handling procedures and further instructions together with a time frame for the release of your container or transport to your private warehouse.
• After receiving the email from the coordinator, you must print the application form and the release form and take it to the container terminal.