Travelling with luggage

Entering goods/ products

If you travel abroad, you may want to take back products from that country. It is also possible that you have family or friends in Aruba, and for these family and friends you would like to enter products from outside the country.

As a traveler you may not bring along unlimited products of your trip. Rules apply.

If you bring your used goods for personal use, temporarily to Aruba, for example clothing or a camera, you don’t have to pay customs duties over these goods. For certain goods, up to a certain quantity, there are no import duties. This is called the limited tax-free import of goods. If you carry more than allowed, you will have to pay customs duties. For some goods there is prohibition valued to enter them into Aruba.

In this site-part you can read more about the importation of goods in Aruba and when you have to pay duties and taxes. You will also receive information on how you can declare these goods and what the rates are.