Offenses and crimes

You are punishable when you commit an infringement upon the statutory rules for the import, export and transit of goods. If you have not declared goods, the customs will assume that you have not done a declaration. Depending on the offense or crime the goods are detained or seized by the Customs.

In both cases, a charge will be drawn up against you. In the event of a number of crimes you can also be detained.

Transaction or arrangement

For certain offenses, the Officer of Justice may do a transaction proposal to you. A transaction proposal may consist of a fine. If you agree with this proposal, you do not have to appear before the court.

There is usually a relatively short period of time (21 days) to respond, in which there is a threat that if you do not respond within this period, the officer of justice will summon you to appear in court.

Other Crimes

Customs officials have also powers on non-fiscal areas. For example, you might have taken endangered animal or plant species with you, without proper CITES certificate or a sum of more than twenty thousand florin, without reporting this at the customs. In both cases, the customs will write a report and seize the goods/money. The minutes shall be sent to the Prosecutor to proceed criminal prosecution.

It may occur that you will be detained for such crimes.