What can I bring along in my luggage?

You can bring a limited number of goods for personal use in your luggage. Prohibited Goods, narcotics, plants and meat products you may not bring your own. Goods and firearms, medications and live animals are subject to authorization. Your broker knows all about.

What does belongings?

Goods that you bring along when you move to Aruba are your belongings for example:

furniture, kitchenware, curtains, refrigerator(etc.) and a car.

How do I qualify for exemption from belongings

Your broker, presents the application for exemption for you.

How do I make an declaration?

You can only make a declaration if you have access to Asycuda World. Only brokers and agents have access to Asycuda World. As a private individual, you must use a broker to make the declaration and all customs related business for you.

How long does it take to get my goods released?

This is depending on your broker. Your goods are released within 48 hours by the customs, under normal circumstances and if the customs have all the relevant documents.

How much duties and taxes do I have to pay?

The height of the customs and excise duties can be found in the private and business section under the tab Tariff import duties.