Travelling with luggage

When do you pay customs and duties?

If you are traveling to Aruba with goods, in principle, you should pay import and excise duties. There is an exception for goods that do not require import duties or excise taxes (0-tax levy) or passenger luggage for which exemption from import duties can be granted.

For transporting goods to Aruba, a distinction is made between your personal luggage and other goods.

  • personal luggage
  • other goods

Personal luggage

You can bring your own personal luggage and other goods, without having to pay tax. In some cases, the Customs Department (Departamento di Aduana) can request you to proof that certain goods where already in your possession before your departure from Aruba. This is especially applicable for luxury or expensive goods such as photo and video cameras, jewelry, and laptops. When you travel it is advisable to carry receipts or guarantee certificates or a Customs certificate with these goods.

Other goods

For traveling with other goods, two things are important:

  • the value of the goods
  • the quantity of the goods

Value limit

For goods that you bring along to Aruba there is a maximum value of Afl. 400,- per person tax.

The goods must be personal and not intended for trade.

If you want to bring goods of a higher value, you will have to pay taxes.

Quantity Limitation

You can bring a limited amount of certain goods tax-free to Aruba. In the site part ‘passenger luggage exemption’ you can view which products and the maximum quantities.