Travelling with luggage


Before traveling to Aruba, you must have permission from the Aruba Veterinary Service to import your pet(s).

For dogs (canines), and cats (felines), you must submit a health certificate (not older than 2 weeks) and a valid proof of vaccination against rabies upon arrival in Aruba at the Departamento di Aduana.

The importation of dogs and cats from South and Central America is prohibited unless they are part of household effects and a statement of no objection is issued by the Veterinary Service.

or the import and export of all other species we advise you to contact the Veterinary Service in advance. Import of all live animals require prior permission. Please send a copy of the necessary documents, preferably by email to: Or fax: (297)5851828. The person concerned will receive a decision within 48 hours (weekdays). The decision depends on the animal species and the country of origin.

Note: Some animal species such as sea turtles, parrots, iguanas, Queen Conch, or coral are protected under the CITES Convention ( Import and export are not or only allowed with a CITES-permit. The Veterinary Service has been entrusted with this.

For dogs, canines, cats and felines:

  1. South and Central America, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba: Import prohibited.

Exception: as household effects (approval required by the Veterinary Service)

  1. United States of America
  2. The Netherlands
  3. Other countries: contact the Veterinary Service.