Travelling with luggage

Specific goods

Certain goods cannot be imported into Aruba from foreign countries, or only under strict restrictions.

It comes to the following goods:

  • meat and meat products
  • plants
  • drugs and medicines
  • telecommunications equipment
  • animals
  • (fire)weapons
  • pesticides
  • precursors and essential chemicals

Meat and meat products

If you import meat and/or meat products, the declaration and its invoices, health certificates, cargo bill, etc. have to be presented to the Veterinary Service. They will check if you will be granted an import permit. Meat and meat products may only be imported from approved slaughterhouses in approved countries. Declaration must be made in advance at the veterinary service, which always will do the control of the following documents. Official health certificate of the country of origin, invoice, cargo bill. There is 5% import quality wage required as to costs about the customs value of meat. If you are not familiar with the import of meat (products) we advise you to contact the Veterinary Service.


If you import plants, you must file the declaration and related invoices, health certificates, cargo bill, etc. at the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. They will check whether an import permit will be granted to you.

Drugs and medicines

The transport and possession of narcotic drugs, such as marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin is prohibited. The Customs Department (Departamento di Aduana) will check flights from well-known risk areas.

For the import of medicines a license of the Inspection for Medicinal Products is necessary. Some medicines may be mistaken for drugs. If you regularly uses medicines, ask your doctor for a medical passport to be able to demonstrate that the medications in your luggage are for private use.

Telecommunications equipment

For certain telecommunications equipment an import license must be granted by the Department of Telecommunications Business. No import license are required for:

  • Household phones, with the exception of wireless household phones
  • Modems, with the exception of wireless modems, and fax machines


Import, export and transit of firearms and ammunition is prohibited unless you have received a license for imports, exports of goods in transit.


For the import of pesticides a permit from the Inspection for Medicinal Products is required.

Precursors and essential chemicals

These are substances that can be used for the manufacture of drugs. That’s why a permit from the Inspection for Medicinal Products is required at the time of importation.

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