Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Departamento di Aduana is peak, our core values are peak. Our core values are standing for all:

  1. What we are;
  2. What we find important;
  3. Where we continue to strive for.



"Our peak core values are deeply rooted in everything we do and run like a thread through our organization."

Professionalism: We work according to the law. The law is our guide, we interpret, and respect our laws.

Integrity: We work as a good officer, we are honest and sincere. We pursue our occupation properly and carefully.

Efficiency: We Work Smart. The quality of our work is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound with a view to continuous development into a modern organization.

Customer-oriented: We work with a customer-oriented and service "mindset". Objective services to our customers and proactive cooperation with our stakeholders is our unique attribute.